[Selling Quad Spawner]

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  1. Selling a quad spawner.
    It is a Spider, Cave Spider, Zombie, Skeleton. (one of each mob)
    Please make me offers!
  2. How close are they? And what server are they located in?
  3. VERY close.
    & Smp8
  4. Hmmmm... how much?
  5. Make me an offer. ^_^
  6. Need to at least give us an amount we could stretch :p
  7. I want around 60k. Like, they are SO close you wouldn't believe.
  8. Too close is actually kind of bad. :p
  9. There is like this perfect area in the middle of them though ):
  10. still its a lot of work to turn them into a grinder
  11. It's tempting. I have that other one I bought off you though xD
    Pssh, that's where I come in ;D
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  12. You should buy it Alex ^_^
    It would make me veryyy happy.
  13. What about 20k?
  14. I'm sorry, but no. :/
  15. So tempting but ... it's just that I don't want to buy it and find out that their is a wild reset.
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  16. ):
  17. please be specific with how close they are, is there a spot somewhere, where each spawner is 16 blocks away from it?

    and please specify how many blocks with each spawner.

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  18. There is quite a large area where you can stand and them all be activated, I would have to go check and count exactly tomorrow.
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  19. Edit: Read the above post ^^
  20. Dude I don't think your gonna sell it. That is at least without putying some effort into this Auction sorta thing or whatever it is. The only mention of price you want is 60k. You need to set up the first post correctly and maybe research into what these things sell for so then people will actually bid :p