[SELLING] Quad Monster Spawner

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  1. It has 3 cave spiders and one regular spider.
    It is about 3.5k Blocks away from spawn.
    I would like around 40k.
  2. Still no offers?:(
  3. Are they near each other?
  4. Yes, you can activate them all at once.
  5. bbbbuuuummmmpppp
  6. which server is this for exactly?
  7. Smp 7. I will can bring the price down :)
  8. Spider isn't best as zombie or skeleton.... So I think the price must be around 15k, I accually don't want to buy them...
  9. Umm how about 24k?
  10. Yeah, that is better!
  11. Ohh, I though you said you would like to buy them lol
  12. The thing with spiders is that they can climb, so it's harder to deal with. I hope you get the spawner sold.
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  13. How low do you think i have to go to get this sold?
  14. I'm not an expert on spawn grinders, I just know that spider spawns don't sell as well. :p Look for previous sales for spider spawns and make a price based on what you see. Rather than looking for an average price, look for what prices the customer is happy with.
  15. Ok, but this is a Quad and getting any kind of Quad spawner is awesome
  16. It's not impossible to sell this type. It's just not as good as the others. (As in what mob appears.) It will sell just fine since it's a quad spawn.
  17. Its been up for a few days now, I hope someone wants it!
  18. Someone will.