[SELLING[ Quad Mob Spawner - 3x Cave and 1x Zombie

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  1. Selling these spawners - looking for at least 67.5k for them. Please only post if you're making an offer. I guarantee that I will never go there, ever.

    Non-supporters please offer in a PM.

    Here is more info and screenshots:

    • They consist of 1 ZOMBIE and 3 CAVE SPIDER spawners.
    • The spawners are all active when standing in the one spot.
    • When making an offer -MIN: 67.5K- you are buying a FULL grinder (setting trap up now).
    • I swear never to go back there again.
    • Only 2 people (including me) know where it is. The other person will never go back.
    • I don't rip people off.
  2. I'll accept 50k.
  3. poo for only have 20k
  4. I'll do 1r! :p
    Final offer!
  5. 30k?
    Just seeing if this is at all in my range :p
  6. pics? also since pms mightve happened is it still for sale?
  7. You forgot to put the link to inc post about selling spawners
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  8. I haven't actually been there. I bought it off a trusted member but I don't need it anymore. If you're willing to pay the 65k I'd get screenshots for you. And yes, only one PM but no offers yet. :)
    Oops! Thanks :D
    Possibly 45k, we'll see how it goes.
  9. was this ur main?
  10. Nah :p
  11. Is it set up good? If so I'll go for 52k?
  12. I'd also like screenshots yeh?
  13. Remember that this is a SPAWNER.
    If you want to get XP, you're going to have to build a grinder on it.
  14. How do you build grinders out of spiders spawners?
  15. It is different than a drop grinder.
    Edit: I'd explain it but it would be a very long post. Haha.
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  16. Alright, if anyone is willing to pay 61k or more I will turn it into a grinder and screenshots are pointless...
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  17. Wait, didn't Manglex sell this to you?
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  18. Ahah yup.
  19. :p
  20. What server?