[SELLING] Pumpkin Pie at 8122 on smp4 also (Single or Double Chests Full), Taking Orders

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  1. I am Selling Pumpkin Pie !

    Pumpkin Pie is New to 1.4 and is a food that restores 4 food bars.

    If you just need a few Pies, 8122 Jungle Shop on smp4 sells them one Pie at a time, or 10 Pies at a time, at a great price.

    I do not care if you resell it, but for larger quantities, please read below...

    If you want a Single or Double Chest Full, Please Private Message me the following information;
    1. If you want a Single or Double Chest full
    2. How many rupees do you offer (any reasonable offer will be considered, I will fill orders as I can, the more rupees you offer, the faster I will try to fill the order)
    3. When you can pay (you have to pay before pickup, pickup will be at 8122 Jungle Shop on smp4, on the Right. against the big jungle wood creeper face)

    Again, Please Private Message me.

    Thank you.
  2. I will make a order
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  3. Get Pumpkin Pie faster than an Auction :)
    One Pie, or 10 Pies at a time, available right now, 8122 on smp4 for a good price.
    Want a Single or Double Chest? Then just private message me, as described, above.
    Thank you (and thank you to the PM's I have already received).
  4. Get Pumpkin Pie faster than an Auction, see above. I am working on the current orders and I am accepting new orders if you private message me. Thanks.
  5. I have another Double Chest of Pumpkin Pie ready for an order.
    Please Private message me if you are interested.
    Thank you.
  6. I updated the original post, because, while Pumpkin Pie heals 4 bars, just like Cooked Steak, it was brought to my attention that is has a lower "saturation".
  7. I have another Double Chest ready for a buyer, just private message me, and make an offer.
    You can buy a single chest, if you want.
  8. hey i want a double chest will u turn ur chat on!?!?! im on utopia right now
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  9. I started a Private message. Thanks.
  10. Hmm, I would like a doublechest for my wild adventures. What would that run me?
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  11. I started a Private message to discuss price and details. Thanks.
  12. I am accepting more orders for Pumpkin Pie, just in time for Thanksgiving (Private message me, if you want a Single Chest or Double Chest.)
    This will be faster than an auction, and most likely cheaper !
    Thank you to those of you who private messaged me in the last couple days.
    Orders filled and I have another Double Chest ready :).
    Thank you.
  13. Private message me if you want Pumpkin Pie at a discount (Chest or Double Chest).
    You can also buy Pumpkin Pie at a good price from 8122 on smp4 (1 or 10 per click).
    I try to always have a Double Chest of Pie ready to fill an order, so you do not have to wait much at all.
    Thank you.
  14. I am accepting New orders.
    Just Private message me.
  15. How much 4 a single chest????????????????????????????????¿¿¿¿¿¿
  16. Private message me please.
    Thank you.
  17. How much per single chest??? Im at smp4 atm, msg me!
  18. I have more than one double chest of Pumpkin Pie ready to sell, and I can take orders for more Single or Double Chests.
    Each Pie restores 4 hunger bars.
    Just Private message me if you are interested.