[Selling] Protection IV, Unbreaking III Diamond Armor

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  1. I'm selling Protection IV, Unbreaking III Diamond Enchanted Armor at 2008 on smp1. Each piece of armor is 2000 rupees.

    Stock (will be updated daily)
    Helmet: 3 in stock
    Chestplate: 3 in stock
    Leggings: 4 in stock (1 is renamed, so may not sell through the sign, contact me in game to buy)
    Boots: 7 in stock
  2. Bump. Still fully stocked :)
  3. Bump. No one has bought anything yet :I C'mon guys, you know you want to go fight difficult mobs!
  4. Well personally this is a bit pricey per piece of armor :/ for the whole set that is 14k. thats a ton for armor. for that full set i would probably pay around 7k. ;) just a thought to consider
  5. Prices reduced to 2000r per piece of armor.