~Selling~ Protection IV Books

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  1. I'm selling some protection 4 books at 10002 on smp5 for 1500r a book :)
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  2. Can you plz save me 2 plz, I will pay you in 1 hour, plz :D???
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  3. I have a chest shop set up :) Since most americans are either getting ready for school or at school, You should be fine :)
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  4. Thnx, I will buy your books as soon I get to my PC :D.
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  5. Thnx for the 2 protecion 4 books :D.
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  6. Jc ill buy all the rest when I get home from school. plz save :p
  7. I don't have access too a computer right now :p so you'll have to fend for yourself. There is about a SC in stock
  8. Restocked, Last time I will restock them as my villager has just broken its self again :)
  9. i swearif thet r gone by time i get home.... :p
  10. :) they are gone now
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  11. I live the fact that you added a smiley face before xD