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  1. Hello guys, I got some promos/ staff heads I want to sell so here it goes!

    Items I sell

    Mr_Chest's Voter items :
    Fishing Rod : 200k
    Diamond Shovel : 150k
    Diamond Hoe : 50k

    Fake ICC Display head (skin) : 25k ea.

    ICC Flesh : 15k
    ICC Skin : 15k

    Trick-or-treat Bundle : 75k

    Full 100k forum gear (8 pieces all toghether) : 300k

    SteveClasher's head : 50k (I can always dream)

    Taking the items at the price listed is a direct buy, but I can be open to offers and if its too lowball bye bye I did some researches / trades I will turn down sorry I'm looking for rupees.
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  2. Aikar head please :)
  3. bump the heads are sold but the other stuff is still available
  4. bump new promos listed and interesting ICC fake heads for display!
  5. What do you mean by fake icc display heads? Is this a player head who looks like I'd but is not connected to Icc in anyway(non-alt)?
  6. I don't think the fake head is worth 25k.. I would pay like 3k at most.
  7. It's only a look-a-like head not related in any way to ICC except for it's appearance. (looks exactly like it!)
    I got sales tho.
  8. What is the difference between a diamond spade and a diamond hoe?
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  9. the use of it compared to the hoe
    (hastle 2 + liberty sword in sec. hand breaks dirt very fast)

    edit : forgot to add that the shovel is way further in the vote rewards than the hoe.
  10. A spade is a hoe from where I come from. And in reality there is no such thing as a spade in Minecraft. Is the spade actually a shovel? Also, if I look in the wiki will I find anything titled ICC Steak? There is flesh and skin but I have never heard of steak. I think you need to be a tab bit more specific when posting items for auctions.
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  11. the 2 typos have been corrected ty
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