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  1. Hey Guys I'm selling promos prices are negotiable you can pm on forum or in game or on thread. I will mail after payment received.
    1x Marlix Armor (chestplate)- 20K
    1x Starter Pickaxe (Unbreaking 3)-4K
    1x Starter Shovel (Unbreaking 3)-4K
    1x Cupid Bow- 12K
    1x Dasher (unused)-55k
  2. Ill take the vault voucher for 8k
  3. oooh hasshy sig plez but can i have it for 15k?
  4. Hashybutt sells those books at +DAWN for like 500r :p

    What enchants are on the cupid bow?
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  5. rlly oh i was ripped off then D:
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  6. 3k now! Inflation :O
  7. Still not 15k or whatever people are trying to sell them for :p
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  8. Indeed. Had it not been sold I probably would have bought it lol
  9. Oooh, okay, I'm good then. Thanks :)

    No response on the Hash book?
  10. Its all sorted DW
  11. Payment Sent
  12. ill take the toothpick if its still available ;p
  13. payed XD

  14. Not to be rude or anything XD I have like 4 of these books and he still sells them I think at one of his res's and I have only seen them go from 5k-9k
  15. Can I take that dasher for 30k?
  16. You can edit the original post.
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