[Selling] Promos

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  1. 1x Unused ESCD - 40k
    1x 2013 Unused Haunted Head - 50k
    1x Avalauncher - 25k
    1x full unused set of Marlix gear - 10k each item
    1x Blizz Ard Nose - 25k
    1x Blizz Ard Eye - 25k
    1x Unused Sharpshooter - 20k
    1x Unused Shear Madness - 20k
    1x Unused Chicken Skewer - 45k
    1x 2016 New Years Aikar Head - 250k
    1x Iron Voter's Axe - Offer

    PM me on forums or in game to negotiate or buy.
    I will not trade promo for promo, rupees only!
  2. I'll take that axe off yer hands for 25k
  3. Still have the haunted head?
  4. Still got Blizz Eye?
  5. No and no. This thread is pretty old, most of the stuff is gone already