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  1. Okay, I'm selling a fair few promos. PM me on the forums to offer please, not on this thread.

    The promos I'm willing to sell are:
    1x 2016 New Year Aikar Head
    3x Dasher (Unused)
    [SOLD] 1x Valens (Unused)
    [SOLD] 1x Saltar (Unused)
    [SOLD] 1x Incitatus (Unused)
    1x Ore Buster
    [SOLD] 1 of each Freedom gear in their respective chests.
    [SOLD]3x Ham Hackers
    3x Maxarian Heads
    2x Cupid eggs
    [SOLD] 1x Dragon Poop
    [SOLD] 1x Super dragon Poop
    [SOLD] x2 Turkey Slicer (Drop)
    [SOLD] 1x Love Potion No.9
    1x Emergency Snow Clearing Device
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  2. Hmmm.. ;)
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  3. Sold items have been updates, also added an ESCD
  4. ;) how much for the loooooove potion ?
  5. How much for the invitatus
    EDIT: stupid phone typing... Invitatcus
  6. The Incitatus is going for 400k.
  7. How much for X1 ham hacker and X1 Ore Buster?
  8. Ore buster for 340k
    Ham hacker for 40k
  9. One last bump
  10. Bump again.
  11. 1 orebuster?
  12. You want to buy?
  13. Maybe bruh how much
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  15. Thank you egg
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  16. Ill buy ore buster for 290k