[Selling] Promos!

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  1. Selling all of the below as i need the funds!

    2 x Marlix Leggings - 25k each
    2 x Blizz Noses - 35k each
    2 x Blizz Arms - 35k each
    6 x Avalaunchers - 35k each
    1 x Unspawned Cupids Egg - 30k
    2 x Cupid Bows - 10k each
    ICC flesh + ICC skin - 5k each
    1 x Spawned Cupid - 25k

    PM me or reply to this thread if you're interested in anything :D
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  2. I have no idea what the love potions are worth. I fully expect this number to be off but 40K?
  3. i got quoted as 90k on one that was sold a few months back, so i'm looking for slightly more :p
  4. Ok, I can't do that :(, but now I know!
  5. I'll do 30 for the Cupid egg and the love potion isn't worth much more than 90 :)
  6. Spawned or unspawned?
  7. I'll take both the skin and the flesh for 9k :p
  8. Sorry bro prices aren't negotiable until they've not sold for a while :p
  9. Fine fine :p I'll do 10k for both

  10. Send me the r and I can be on tonight to send it :)
  11. Payed
  12. sent :) ty
  13. Anyway to preview the items?

  14. i can set them all up in a preview chest on my 2nd res tomorrow for you :)
  15. Both ;) haha
  16. Send over payment and i'll send the egg :)
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  17. sent :)
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  18. Send payment and I can send them to you when I'm home tonight :)
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  19. dubchef you on?
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