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  1. Promos that I'm selling, either say in the comments below or PM me, We can discuss Prices if needed.

    Emergency Snow Device: 31k x45
    2014 Rememberance Poppy: 13k x3
    2015 Rememberance Poppy: 13k x4
    Cupid Bundle: 60k x10
    Taste The Freedom Steak: 800r x17
    Holiday Candle: 15k x43
    Enraged Zombie Egg: 50k x5
    Guardian Egg: 50k x4
    Cupid Pig: 30k x16
    IcecreamCow Skin: 5k xSO MUCH
    IcecreamCow Flesh: 5k xSO MUCH
    New Cupids Bow: 10k x15

    And if you also want to see these items, they are also being sold at RES 18016 on SMP9 And Enchanted Books/God Armour,Tools And Weapons Are Being Sold.
  2. I want a dragon poop. How much?
  3. 50k per
  4. Works for me. I'm at work now so I will have to send the rupees in about 5 hours.
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  5. sent
  6. 10k for new Cupid's bow will pay in an hour or so.
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  7. Okay, How many? just the one?
  8. Yes just 1.
  9. Id like to buy 1 ICC skin and 1 ICC flesh please
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  10. pay and ill mail rn