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  1. I've set up a small shop at 9222 selling some promos. Feel free to come check it out and if there are any issues PM me.
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  2. What are you selling? I can't get on because of mobile device.
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  3. Nothing too fancy:
    2x avalauncher - 62k each
    2x pot of gold - 43k each
    3x meteor bow - 18k each
    2x 2015 bday cake - 18k each
    4x cupid bundle -60k each
    1x cupid bow(unused) - 16k each
    2x 2015 labor bench - 29k each
    1x pi pie - 20k
    1x trick or treat bundle - 60k
    3x feast for a king - 15k each
    1x Saskiahugenay voters boots - 70k
    1x Saskiahugenay voters helmet - 70k
    3x vault voucher - 12k each
    2x stable voucher - 6k each
    4x dragon stone - 12k each
    2x Marlix's Bow - 60k each
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  4. -Added Marlix bow
  5. Just bought your last stable voucher.
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  6. -Added 2 Marlix Bows for 60k each
    -Removed the shop. PM if interested in something