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Will you buy a promo?

Nope... I GOT BILLS, that i need to pay~ 8 vote(s) 72.7%
Not interested... 1 vote(s) 9.1%
YES! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yeah... Sure... 2 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Hello again fellow... Humans? Gamers? Walruses?! Just hello!
    So, i'm selling my promos for your rupees... Yes, your glorious rupees! But... They aren't that cheap!
    Here are the prices!

    Promo List/Prices:

    Cupid's Bow: 17k
    Vault Voucher: 11k
    Trick-Or-Treat-Bundle (2015 Halloween): 60k OUT OF STOCK
    Mineral Mincer (100k Forums): 10k
    Dragon Stone (Dragon Tombs): 14k
    Starter Leggings (Tutorial Item): 500r OUT OF STOCK
    Starter Boots (Tutorial Item): 500r OUT OF STOCK
    Starter Sword (Tutorial Item): 500r OUT OF STOCK
    Labor Bench (Labor Day 2014): 20k OUT OF STOCK
    Remembrance Day Poppy (Remembrance Day 2014): 15k
    Feast For A King Paper (Thanksgiving 2014): 20k
    SMP6 Salutes You (Baradar67 Staff Signed Book): 22k

    If your interested in buying any of these promos, please comment. When I confirm your order, please pay.
  2. Ill buy the starter boots
  3. Please pay and I'll mail :)
  4. sure
  5. I would like the starter sword pls
  6. Could I buy the Mineral Mincer and Trick-or-Treat bundle for 55k for both?
  7. If i can recieve the payment of the sword, ill mail it to you :)

    i can do 65k for both but nothing lower (thus meaning the mineral mincer is 5k)
    Promos have been sold. No longer available.
  8. I read this thinking i saw an emc cake promo for sale and thought we were gonna have to fight
  9. Added SMP6 Salutes You. Signed By Baradar67 (Staff).
  10. paid I gave you 50r more for mail thx
  11. hi i didint get the sword if you dont want to mail where can I get it?
  12. starter item legs please
  13. and starter sword please
  14. Sending now, sorry for the inconvenience.

    So, I'm going to pay you back the money for the sword as its sold and the leggings i'll send.
  15. oh kk