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  1. 2x cupid bundle 45k eack
    2x 2014 empire firework 10k each
    1x dancer 20k
    64x taste the freedom 800 each

    10x 8 7 Meteor Bow 10.5k each
    Trying to get diamond support voucher and am trying to raise funds selling my promos
  2. I'll take both Cupid bundles I'll pay in 7 hours.
  3. Want me to mail now or wait till payment Just realized that most people wait
  4. May i buy the Dancer?
  5. yes waiting for payment
  6. kk will pay as soon as i get online. Thanks :) (Paid)
  7. Your welcome
  8. Item successfully sent
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  9. You can mail it now if you want. I just have to wait until I'm home from school to pay.
  10. Ill wait till later on
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  11. You online yet?
  12. 20 minutes or so
  13. K just making sure you did not loose the thread
  14. Selling the cupid bundles again 45k each
  15. lovin that price hike, couldn't get the 5k out of me so you figured you'll just raise it lol
  16. They sell for 50-60k at shops and i have to make up for lost time
  17. Thanks deadmaster98 for PM'ing me about the steak and the steak is now removed from the thread
  18. I will take both fireworks
  19. I'll take both cupids bindles, mail them to me, paying now.
  20. K just got online