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  1. Today I will be selling off some of thy promo's I do not wish to keep.
    He be thy list of promo's... .. ..

    Blue Krysyy Head (Light Blue) (No offers below 100k)
    Haunted Candy (10x each sort)
    Pot of gold
    Taste The Freedom Steak (x15)
    DC of water bottles (x3)

    Please post all offers in the comments unless you do not with to publicise it. In that case you may PM me on the forums.
    Please inclue your favorate PROMO in your offer too. (I'm curious)
    EDIT: I'f I'm slow replying it's because I'm traveling :p
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  2. can i have the two dragon stone fragments for 1k each
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  3. and also since you don't want the krysyy head, i have a ton of staff heads that i could trade you for it
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  4. Would you be willing to trade rather than sell? I don't have "at least" 100k for the Krysyy Head, but I do have some things that you might be interested in to trade it for? You can reply to me here or send me a PM, if your interested.
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  5. Sorry I'm really looking for the rupees
  6. Sure, thats fine. I figured as much, but just thought I would try. I might try to sell my items just to get the krysyy head, though. :p I see you say at least 100k, but would an offer of 100k be enough?
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  7. I'd consider it yes :D

    Also.... Bump!
  8. I'll buy one enderpearl Haunted Candy! 30r seem good?
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  9. do you take trades fro the blue krysyy head? and jw how do you get blue krysyy heads? :3
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  10. I sold it to him for 1r... you should have bought it when you could jk
  11. Well I think Krysyy drops them at events :p
  12. I may buy the krysyy head here in a bit
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  13. Ok, 120k for the Krysyy Head and the Pot of Gold
  14. What do the promos have?
    • 2x Stable Vouchers (8k each)
    • 14x Dragon Stone Fragments (1.5k each)
    • Eggcellent Wand (15k)
    • Empire FW NY (15k)
    = Does 67k sound good?
  15. 70? As stable vouchers tend to go for over 8k each .-.
  16. Sorry for the double post. I'm heading away for a while but I will have internet after todays journey.
  17. 16k for the Pot of Gold?
  18. Sure :)
    A wild Bump has appeared....