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  1. Hi everyone! I've got some promos I've been hoarding for a while, so I thought why not sell some to people who need them. (Not like I'm the only promo selling thread =P)

    Promos for sale:

    x1 Pot O' Gold- 18k
    x1 Krysyy's Head- 100k?
    x1 Dancer (used)- 26k
    x1 ESCD- 35k
    x1 Dragon Stone- 36k
    x1 Cupid Spawn Egg- 30k
    x1 Independence Day 2014 Empire Firework- 25k
    x1 2014 Empire Firework- 26k?
    x12 Taste The Freedom Steak- 2.5k each
    x3 Dragon Stone Fragment- 4k each
    x1 Stable Voucher- 11.5k
    x2 Cupid Bow (used)- 21k each

    Credits to FDNY21 for the prices :p

    That's it! :)
  2. bump :p I think
  3. could i sell promos?
  4. no, sorry
  5. I will take 1 taste the freedom steak.
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  6. I am on smp8, res 16826, or +Fireworks!
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  7. Items will be given once payment is made ;)
  8. bump! Still need to get rid of some promos :p
  9. bump! c'mon! :p
  10. I'll take one stable voucher
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  11. Okay. Item will be mailed this afternoon after payment. :)
  12. I will take krysyy's head for 100K, when tomorrow comes really.
  13. Little problem...I won't be online for a week....
  14. what???
  15. Vacation......with no minecraft :( next Tuesday at 5 EMC time is when I get back. If you don't want to buy it that's okay. ;)