[SELLING] Promos!

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  1. Hey!

    Today I'll be selling the promos listed below!

    1 Blizz Ard Nose (212k)
    47 Dragon Stones (12k each)
    26 Pot 'O Golds (15k each)
    1 2012 Empire Firework (40k)
    3 Stable Vouchers (10k each)
    1 Cupid's Bundle (50k)

    These prices are not negotiable. Post below or PM me in-game or on the site to buy 'em!

  2. Could you reserve the Marlix Leggins for me?
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  3. Sure. =)
  4. reserve a couple dragon stones for meh
  5. How many, exactly, please? =)
  6. I'll take the other pair of leggings. Paying now. :)
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  7. I'll mail ASAP. =)
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  8. srry nvm found cheaper
  9. What does the Pot of Gold do? I may be interested.
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  10. It dispenses a small amount of gold nuggets usually ranging from around 30-64 on a daily basis. Sort of like a mini, horrible gold farm.
  11. Hmm interesting. So will you have these tommorow? im sure since you have 36. I may buy one :)
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  12. I do not have a spooky egg yet... Im paying now.
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  13. Got it. =) I can't get on now, but I'll be on after school at around 5:50 EMC time to mail it to you.
    Will mail tomorrow, thanks!
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  14. can i sell you 2 cupid bundles for 45k?
  15. Sorry, I'm not buying promos. :(
  16. Must stop........

    May i buy 8 pots of gold please bae? <3
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  17. Sounds great! I'll mail them to you when I get the chance. =)
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  18. 1 2012 Empire Firework (40k)

    I'll take this please. This is the first firework released?
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  19. Mailed!

    Also mailed. =P
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