[ SELLING ] Promos

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  1. Items:
    [ must pay 50r for each mail slot ]
    [1] 2014 B-Day cake- 16k
    [1] Feast for a king- 20k
    [1]E.S.C.D- 32k
  2. All Haunted Candy's pls
  3. ok, Ill mail them once payment is received
  4. mailing them would cost 150 xD
  5. Everything Cupid-related
  6. Ok, so 76,004r pls plus 150r for mail slots
  7. Ill mail once payment is received
  8. ?

    Pay and Ill mail it, don't pay and you won't receive it
  9. payed (and now im gona give U a tip)
  10. Cupid bow can you go any lower
  11. kk, Ill mail when I get on
  12. porphrian just bought them
  13. thx
  14. ill buy the pot of gold, the headless horsman thing, and the maxaraian head. (Again :p)
    and that will be 77k plus 150r in all.
  15. ok :p, when I receive payment itll be mailed
  16. done