[SELLING] Promos

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  1. Hiya, I would like to sell some promos :p
    i have the following :
    all items are un-used
    1x 2014 turkey slicers 50k
    1x 2013 turkey slicers - 50k

    1x used Rudolf - 150k
    1x lucky bow - 50k
    1x un-used Dancer - 35k
    send me your offers here or in pm :p
  2. Can you name me the promo's that are used and unused?
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  3. none have been used :p
  4. some prices changed :3
  5. What server are you on?!
  6. How much for lé Avalauncher?
  7. 265k?
  8. ive also made a small shop on smp1 at /v 2400 so if im not on buy from there :) :p
  9. stock updated
  10. Updated, new 60k items added
  11. the boots have been sold.
  12. the mob launcher has been sold
  13. what is the cheapst one
  14. the everlasting axe stopper for 170k
  15. I'll take it
  16. items updated :p