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  1. I Am Selling These Promos:
    1x Blizz Ard's Nose: 230k
    2x Pots Of Gold: 14k (Each)
    2x Dragon Stones: 16k (Each)
    1x Pi Pie: 16k
    1x Holiday Candle: 11k
    2x Cooked Turkey: 1k (Each)
    2x Taste The Freedom Steak: 2.5k

    If you are interested in buying any of these promos, post down below or PM me on the forums.
    Items will be mailed once I have received the payment.
    I will be adding more to this list when I buy more.
    Please PM me on forums if you feel a price is too high.
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  2. Bump, No one really?
  3. Ill take those taste of freedom steaks and dragon stones.
  4. The Prices will change if the promo doesn't sell but I hope to sell all of them by next Sunday.
  5. Ill take 1 of the cooked turkeys ben
  6. Ill sell you 6 pi's for 16k each :)
  7. He's selling Pi's for the exact same price. He has not requested to buy any items.
  8. May i buy the 2 pots of gold please? :) i can send payment asap :)
  9. I'll take two cooked turkeys and a holiday candle...
  10. -Paid with a mail fee of 100r added, thanks in adavance :D
  11. Two cooked turkeys are gone, sorry
  12. I sent the pots if gold for Deadmaster98
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  13. the holiday candle is gone too sorry
  14. At this time, I have run out of promos, sorry