(Selling) Promo's!

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  1. Alright guys! I have some promos to sell! All prices are per item. If you see one you would like to buy Pm me on the site. I will mail the item when payment is received. Here is the list

    2014 Turkey slicer X1 60K
    Cooked Turkey X22 2k
    Holiday candles X2 10K
    2014 July firework X2 10K
    Used Dancer X1 15K
    2014 Labor day bench X5 25K
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  2. Will buy both the July Fireworks! Will pay 20,000r now :)
    Edit: Paid :)
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  3. I'll buy the used dancer :) Paying in a sec
    EDIT: Paid :)
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  4. I'm sorry Babycreepersrule but I already sold the dancer. I have payed back
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  5. Bump. Items updated
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  6. Ill take the candles
  7. Okay. I will mail them after payment is received