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  1. Selling:

    Lucky bow- 40k
    Cupid bow-20k 2015
    2014 Turkey slicer 50k
    Maxarian head- 23k
    2014 Labor bench-20k
    Vault voucher- 14k
    2014 Independence Day Firework- 18k
    2013 New years firework- 23k
    Remembrance poppy- 12k
    Nether hound 70k
    2013 haunted head- 37k
    Ore buster- 179k
    Ham Hacker- 30k
    Stable voucher- 11k
    Taste the freedom steak- 2k
    Cooked turkey- 1k
    Holiday Candle- 7k
    Holiday Pickaxe- 79k
    Dancer- 35k (unused)
    Freedom Blade- 40k
    Feast For A King- 19k
    Cupid Bundle- 80k
    Cupid- 45k
    ESCD- 28k
    (Promos, gems and ores can also be bought from 8992 smp4)

    Gold Ingot-14r per
    Iron Ingot- 4r per
    Coal- 4r per
    Emerald 45r per
    Diamond- 115r per

    These items can be bought in bigger amouts

    -I will update this thread with more promos and take out ones I no longer attain.

    I do have more then one of these items so just ask me how many you want and ill tell you how many I can sell you.
    I do not offer discount/Bulk deals and the price that is stated is the price i am selling the item for.

    ---These are my prices, please DO NOT complain about them. Prices are negotiable
  2. Hmm i feel like i just sold most of these to u =P
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  3. A few
  4. Ordering lucky bow , paying now :), plz send it by mail or maybe ill just go to smp4...

    Thanks for bows, *bows* :p
  5. Yeah on smp4 mate
  6. Night bump
  7. start digging, i believe you a broke a rule there
  8. Would you part with the used Rudolph for 55k? Or both Rudolphs for 120k?