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  1. Hey Guys,

    Today I am selling some promo's.

    If you want to buy some of these promo's contact me in this thread or in game.

    I am selling:

    - ICC Eggnog 1 mil
    - Diamond Supporter Voucher 610k each (x2)
    - Gold Supporter Voucher 300k (x1)
    - Iron Supporter Voucher 150k (x1)
    - Purple Krysyyjane Head 750k (x1)

    - Dragon Stone 33k each (7x)
    - Orebuster 120k each (1x)
    - Turkey Slicer 46k each (5x)
    - Lucky Bow 27k each (3x)

    - Big Daddy 90k each (2x)
    - Flaming Mob Launcher 80k (x1)
    - 2014 B-Day cake 13k each (8x)

    Pick Up is on 8876 (smp4) or I can mail it to you (you need to pay 50r more).

  2. ~Bump~

    EDIT: I put a Purple Krysyyjane Head in it.
  3. hey pascaL, I like your collection but the eggnog i think costs a little much, people are willing to buy for around 750k not saying you HAVE to change but it may be a good idea to...
  4. Hey Shalom,
    first thanks for the reply,
    second I understand that the eggnog is a bit to high but I am sure that there are not many eggnogs are left.

    I will stay my price for now, maybe later that I will chance it.
  5. oh i know there are VERY few left and keep in mind you don't even have to change the price, and i do completely understand why you are asking for so much, it is such a rare collectible, it should go for 1 mil but it doesn't, if it did i could almost assure you that it would have been bought allready
  6. I'll buy the gold voucher for 150 or the diamond for 300
  7. was so exited that someone was selling eggnog because my soon to be 16 res display will need every item imaginable....until i saw the price XD i have lots of promos yet so many more to be bought and only a limited budget as i am also trying to buy up quartz. let me know if you do lower price of eggnog please it would be much appreciated thanks
  8. I will take a ore buster off your hands for 110k if that that is possible? :)
  9. Sorry fish,
    those are not my prices.
  10. Hey 820 thanks for the reply,

    I understand that 1 mil for the eggnog is high but there are not many left!
    If I lower my price I will put it in this thread (or a other one).
  11. i do understand as i saw in other post i am just simply limited money wise as i need tons of dcs of quartz for the build as it is 16 res's put together for the 1 build. but alright sounds good
  12. the offer stands
  13. I am still not selling them for that price, I will wait a bid longer and sell them for my price.