Selling PROMOs

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  1. Now Selling The Follow PROMOs:

    Maxarian Heads (3)
    10k (each)
    Vault Voucher (2)
    12k (each)
    New Years 2013 Empire Firework (1)
    Cupids Bow (1)
    Turky Slicer (3)
    Lucky Bow (1)
    Holiday Pick (1)

    I will try and keep this updated as things are purchased.

    Now onto the buying!
  2. il take both vault vouchers
  3. Ill take that firework also a lucky bow
  4. I will mail it to you once I get payment.
  5. I know you want them. So tell me already. Lol.
  6. I'll take the holiday pick, can you do 30k?
  7. 34 is a the lowest I can go sorry. Let me know if you are willing to pay it though.
  8. Any Buyers???
  9. Can I buy the max heads for 9k each? And I'll buy the lucky bow
  10. I guess that works... 45k then. Once payment is recieved I will mail all 4 items to you. Have a Nice Day. :D
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  11. Hey rebel could I get myself a Maxarian Head please?!?
  12. Deathconn has already requested them. He hasnt payed or recieved them yet though. If he changes his mind or anything I will let you know.
  13. I have paid :)

    EDIT: I have accidentally paid 54k instead of 45k. I would like that 9k back as soon as possible

  14. You have recieved your r back and the promo's you purchased
  15. Each of the remaining promo's have dropped 1k in price due to my lack of rupees right now. I am running at about 130-ish r currently.