[Selling] Promos

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    -2013 EMC Firework (2 In stock): 12k Each
    -Independence Day Firework (3 In stock): 9.5k Each
    -2012 EMC Firework (Sold): 23k
    -Haunted Head (1 In stock):8k
    -Unused Valens (1 In stock):16k
    -Used Saltar (1 In stock): 9k
    -Used Rudolph (1 In stock): 7.5k
    -Unused Ore Buster (1 In stock): 45k
    -Unused Holiday Pick (1 In stock): 22k
    -Barely Used Flaming Mob Launcher(1 In stock):20k
    -Barely Used Turkey Slicer(1 In stock): 11k

    This is all, I am using prices I guessed up, I can probably reason some prices. PAY RIPTIDE593 FOR ANY PROMOS
  2. I will buy the ore buster.
  3. Ok go to smp9
  4. Another le bump
  5. Ill take the valens and holiday pick
  6. ill take the haunted head
  7. I'll have the Rudolph and the Unused Saltar.
  8. It's used dude
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  9. Oh snap. I must have seen the 'Unused' underneath. I guess I'll just take the Rudolph then.
  10. Ill buy...

    Holiday Pick - 14k

    Haunted Head - 7k

    Independency Day Firework - 7.5k
  11. Sorry for not getting back to everyone, my computer has been having some issues.
  12. Anyways I have gotten derelict, and lost the promos while my computer broke down. I apologize to everyone that cannot get anymore promos
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