[SELLING] Promos. Yay Promos! :D

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  1. This has been the most detailed/well made sell thread I've seen (referring to the cool pictures and text)
  2. Thanks :D

    If you think this looks good... just wait til you see another thread that's coming soon(tm)...
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  3. Could you reserve the chestplate for a day or so?
  4. Sure. :) Just 1?
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  5. What pieces of Marlix armor do you have?
  6. Yep :)
  7. Just chestplates. :)
  8. Do you have another Marlix Chestplate? Or is the only one reserved?
  9. Only one is reserved - I've got another one still available. :)
  10. If you could reserve it for me until tomorrow (possibly late tonight) I'll take it. :)
  11. If you have one, I'll take it, if not, no big deal.
  12. Reserved.

    Sorry, less than a minute late. >_< If either of these reservations fall through, I'll reserve for you. :)
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  13. Oh my..

    What software do you use for this stuff?
  14. Photoshop :)
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  15. I've never seen a post that more made me want to spend tens of thousands of rupees on stuff I already have than that one. However, I will be strong.

    ...and only buy a 10k head. :p

    EDIT: Welp, I just paid your main account by accident for some reason; whoops. >.<
  16. Sent :p