[ Selling ] Promos That I Dont Want!

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  1. I Am Currently Selling These Promos:
    2 Unused Cupid Eggs: 30,500r Each
    1 Unused Dancer: 31,000r Each
    1 2014 Labor Bench: 21,000r Each
    1 Holiday Candle: 12,000r Each
    2 Meteor Bows: 12,000r Each
    15 Taste The Freedom Steaks: 1,600r Each
    1 Pi Pie: 16,000r Each
    1 Complete Set Of New Starter Armor: 4,500r
    1 New Starter Pickaxe: 1k
    1 New Starter Sword: 1k
    2 Pot Of Gold: 20,000r Each
    1 Voter's Chestplate: 90,000r
    1 Ham Hacker: 37,000r
    1 ESCD: 30,000r
    1 Netherhound Spawn Egg: 55k
    1 Used Ore Buster (Only Missing 250 Durability) 210k
    1 Pair Of Feather Falllling Boots: 255k
    1 Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock: 60k

    Post Down Below What You Would Like To Buy, Prices May Change Due To The Economy. I Will Mail Items Once I Have Received Payment! Thanks!
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  2. Bump! Come On, Great Prices!
  3. could you go down on the pot of gold?
  4. Prices/Items Updated! Still Many To Sell! (Bump!)
  5. Your prices are way high, a full set of starter armor is 4k, also a ham hacker is 30-35k,
  6. Better???
  7. Lol didn't say you had to change it just said your not very good at pricing those items :p
  8. ill take a ESCD and the pi pie which comes to a total of 46k please can you mail them too me? i have paid :D
  9. Didn't Get the payment
  10. Your Welcome!
  11. Bump, New Items Listed!
  12. Can I just do 10k for whatever is left that means 15 freedom steaks
  13. No sorry
  14. Hold the starter pick for me I'll buy when I log in for 1000 cool