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  1. I am making a mall on SMP9 at 18700. Still working on building it, but in the meantime the Special Items/Promos floor is open. So buy things. I have Marlix gear and some promos from the last year or so, as well as Vault Vouchers. I realize some of it is... competitively priced *Ore Busters* so please don't complain too too much about prices. Stuff and things get rarer every day.

    Thanks :D
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  2. Looks great! :D Just note that the Marlix Leggings have the 'Marlix Boots' sign as well :confused:
  3. Fixed, thanks
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  4. I just tryed to visit your promos store cant get to it i dont have permisson :p
  5. (use flag) sorry about double recent post =(
  6. Yeah, doing some construction right now, forgot to mention. It will reopen soon :)
  7. Use perms fixed, res open, I am still building actively though. If a block of quartz/sandstone/glowstone drops, please leave it :p
  8. Bump for things and stuff!