[SELLING] Promos, saddles and nametags

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  1. Come along to 11463 to buy
    Saddles at 9 for 820r
    Nametags at 250r

    4 vault vouchers 10,000r each
    2 New Player Guides 2,000r each
    2 Spooky Egg 17,000r each
    1 "Smp6 Salutes You" by Baradar67 20,000r
    2 2015 Birthday Cookie 20,000r each
    1 IcecreamCow flesh 1,000r
    1 Second Chance Book 5,000r
    1 Non-soulbound Starter pickaxe 20,000r
    2 Starter Swords 500r each
    2 Starter Shovels 500r each
    2 Starter Pickaxes 500r each
    2 Starter Axes 500r each
    1 Starter Helmet 500r
    1 Starter Chestplate 500r
    1 Starter Leggings 500r
    1 Starter Boots 500r
    4 Empire Assistants 50r each
    7 Rotten Flesh Haunted Candy 10r each
    3 Gunpowder Haunted Candy 10r each
    5 Enderpearl Haunted Candy 10r each
    8 Shiny Flesh 10r each
    3 Marlix Bow 30,000r each
    2 Marlix Helmet 30,000r each
    2 Marlix Chestplate 30,000r each
    2 Marlix Leggings 30,000r each
    2 Marlix Boots 30,000r each
    48 dragon stone fragments 1,000r each

  2. BUMP added marlix bow
  3. BUMP 4 vault vouchers added
  4. What are you asking for the Baradar book? :p
  5. BUMP
    Added another 2015 Birthday Cookie
  6. BUMP! Added 2 marlix bows, a full set of marlix armor and 48 dragon stone fragments
    EDIT: Added negotiable prices
  7. Sold birthday cookies
  8. You can now buy them at 11171