[Selling] Promos/Rares

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  1. Here is a list of some current items I'm selling. Just comment what you would like, the quanity, and if you would like it mailed or dropped off.
    - Avalaucher x1 - 300,000 (negotiable)
    - Dragon Stone fragments x61 - 2,000
    - Beacon x1 - 17,000
    I may add more items as time goes along but for now that is it. If any of these prices are too high/low please inform me as I'm not great with prices. :)

    Edit: Loweref some of the prices.
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  2. Bump lowered some of the prices!
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  3. Unless beacon prices have gone waaaay up in the past three months that beacon is expensive. I would sell for like 12k at most...

    But don't trust me. Last time I went on leave diamonds doubled in price and I constantly ripped myself off by selling diamonds for 40 rupees.
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  4. Ill take 3 of the Dragon Fragments :) Paid for the 3 of them + mailing fee
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  5. inflation has become a problem
  6. Bump! Updated OP and lowered some prices!
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  7. Bump! Lowered beacon prices and updated dragon stone fragments. 300,000 is a reasonable price for an Avalaucher as I've seen some go for 350k+! :p
  8. Bump last chance to get the Avalaucher before I auction it.