[SELLING] Promos, rares and loot

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  1. I am currently trying to sell some items to earn money for a future project. Buying an item will help a lot, and I would appreciate it greatly. I do not know he prices of all the items, so please PM me if you are interested in an item.

    I am currently selling;
    Unused Dasher [1] - 50k
    Unused Dancer [1]
    Blizz Ard Eye [1] - 75k
    Blizz Ard Arm [1] - 75k
    Avalauncher 2015 [4] - 75k
    Spooky Egg [1]
    Feast for A King [1] - 5k
    Taste The Freedom [1]
    Turkey Slicer 2013 [1]
    #Empire Firework# 2015 [1]
    Holiday Candle [1]
    Unused Starter Horse [1]
    Dragon Stone Fragment [7] - 1k
    Dragon Stone [2] - 9k
    Cooked Turkey [1] - 1k

    The item/s will be mailed to the buyer.
  2. I want your Momentus Helm!
  3. If you can pay me now, I can mail it within 1 hour from now, as soon as I get home
  4. Ill pm you about the instructins
  5. As soon as you pay, I can mail it ASAP
  6. All items are still available
  7. Momentus Helm sold
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  8. I'll be a few hours. I can pay at 6 EMC.
  9. Helm sold and no longer available
  10. Is it mine?
  11. Sadly not. FrozenForger jumped in there first
  12. Bump! All listed items are still available.
  13. Promo Instructions sold. Sorry all