[SELLING] Promos of all shapes and sizes

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  1. Here's the list, with stock and prices.
    If you disagree with the price I'm offering, feel free to send me a PM, I'd be glad to negotiate.

    6x Turkey Slicer -- 18k per
    3x Cupid's Bow -- 15k per
    6x Lucky Bow -- 20k per

    Reply to thread or PM me to make a deal.
    Cheers everyone! :)
  2. Can I buy 3 Luck Bows?
  3. If you get anymore promo instructions I will buy them for that price
  4. I Valens Please
  5. Can I get a labor day bench? Ill send extra money for the mailing costs.
  6. Will mail it to you ASAP, please wire payment.
    It's reserved for you, I will set up a chest at 9349. Please pay on pickup.
  7. Will pay
  8. Lol.... You put kyle12cuL instead of kyle12cu1
  9. Yowch, sorry about that.
    It's fixed now.
    Refunded you 300r for the trouble.
    It's been mailed.
  10. I didn't pay yet. I will refund it after I come back from town
  11. Bump, stock and prices updates.
  12. I guess I'll buy a Cupid Bow, I'll pay in around 5 hours.
  13. I know its not a promo but do u have any marlix gear ur prepared to sell
  14. How many max heads are you going to sell, if?
  15. I've edited the prices, but you may still pay 12k, the chest with sign is up.
  16. May you please hold the Incitatus for me :)
  17. Yep. On it.
    EDIT: Chest is up, 9349.
  18. Hey, When you Get one in, Please Get me a Labor Bench
  19. Sold out. Don't people notice crosses and Zeros?
  20. He said when Nether gets one in