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  1. Wow, never had the privilege of making on of these before. So here's what I'm selling, and feel free to try to discuss prices with me. Thanks!

    Saltar (Unused): 18.5k
    Holiday Pick (Unused): 22k
    2013 Empire Firework: 9.5k

    That's it! Thanks! I will post pictures on request. :)
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  2. Can you save a Salter for me? I'll buy it at that price when i get home tonight
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  3. Not being rude but the holiday pick is quite overpriced :p
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  4. Oh, I've seen it sold at shops for far higher. :) I might be willing to to lower it a bit.
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  5. That's great! Thanks!
    EDIT: Double-Post. >.<
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  6. Can I take the Rudolph?
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  7. paid ya :) access chest on smp1 @ 2224
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  8. You may. :) Would you like me to deliver it to you once you pay?
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  9. Bump-a-lump-a-dumpa-dumpa-dumpa-doo. Yes, this is creative bumping.
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  10. BUMPPMUB... Hehehe...
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  11. And the like boss strikes again...
  12. Done. :)
    Yup. >.<
  13. What time is it? Bump o' Clock!
  14. Bump! Still some good stuff here! Remember, I am open to changing prices if you want to negotiate! :)
  15. Bump! Again, if you think somebody is way overpriced and yet you want to buy it, pm me and I am more than likely to be able to have a reasonable discussion with you that will get the price down quite a bit. :)
  16. Bump. We can do this the easy way, or we could do this the hard way. Negotiate people! Or I will bring out the ol'- *gasp* -ingame advertising! *Evil laugh*