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  1. Hello! I am selling Promos! Msg me on smp2.
    [SELLING] Blizzard Nose - 222k
    [SELLING] Starter sheep - 14r per sheep
    [SELLING] Love potion No. 9 - 45k
    [SELLING] Getting started - 30r
    [SELLING] Highly used Holiday pick - 7k
    [SELLING] Cooked turkey - 666r
    [SELLING] Dragon stone - 19k
    [SELLING] Cupid Bundle - 38k each
    [SELLING] Magical Eggcellent Wand - 9.5k
    [SELLING] Pi pie - 8.5k each
    I'm also selling ICC skin and flesh, Cupid bows, Soul Bound Torches, Freedom Steak, and more! Msg me to ask for a price
    NOTICE - You have to be quick before stock runs out!
  2. I'm interested in the soulbound torches - how many do you have and for what price?
  3. Soulbound torches???
  4. It's given to new players when they join, along with soulbound bread etc. :)
  5. I wish I was a new player...
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  6. I came online but you weren't there so I'll message here. If you have any Pi Pies left then please save them for me, I'm willing to buy any amount of them that you have at 8.5k each :) Tell me how many you have, I'll pay you, and then you can mail them over? Thanks! :D