[Selling] Promos! Including iDay CHESTS!

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  1. So promos really drain your money! Now I wanna make money :D


    1x iDay boots
    1x iDay Chestplate

    1x iDay Leggings CHEST
    1x iDay Boots CHEST
    1x iDay Freedom Blade CHEST

    5x 2014 Turkey Slicers

    15x Labor Bench 2014
    6x Cooked Turkey
    2x Independence 2014 Fireworks
    4x 2014 New Years Fireworks
    3x Spooky Eggs
    2x Haunted Heads
    4x Headless Horseman Mask
    2x Maxarian Head (Mwahah Fire)
    3x Feast for a King

    Please either inbox, comment below or give me in game offers for the ones that don't have prices, which is basically all! XD :D Thanks guys!
  2. I have not been very active lately, but what would you say are good prices for the cooked turkey, the holiday candles, the 2014 New Years fireworks, the unspawned dancers, and the ESCDs?
  3. Honestly the candles are all over the place! 2k here, 8k there 26k at another, the Turkey maybe 2k per, Fireworks maybe 15k and the Dancers and ESCD's probably 25-30k
  4. Whats your asking price for the iday helmet chest?
  5. Probably something above 60k for the Chests :p
  6. Could you reserve the helmet chest for 60k?
  7. Sure can! I will actually mail it to you! So just pay when your ready! :)
    Edit: Mailed :p
  8. I'm at work ATM so I'll pay as soon as I get home later tonight,
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  9. could you reserve the chestplate chest for 60k for me
  10. Why did you dye the armour?
  11. Not sure xD But you can dye it back if you want :p
  12. Updated the list of promos avaliable!
  13. I am not buying any, but maybe you would put what Freedom Bale you have. There are Several. The "Do Not Claim", one with light red and one with Dark red in the letter. Just to help some people. :)
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  14. Thanks! Yeah these are just the regular Light Red Freedom Blades that you claim through /promo iday
  15. What would the haunted head run me I didn't start till Dec 2014 I missed it lol
  16. paid :p
  17. How much for a Ham Hacker?
  18. Im looking for 35k for the haunted head and around 30k for ham hacler.

    Thanks epic will mail as soon as a i get o!)n!