[Selling] Promos (Ham Hacker, 2013 Turkey Slicers etc.)

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  1. I am selling some of my promos please PM me any offers I will also take trades if they are worthwhile enough.

    2013 Turkey Slicers
    Ham Hackers
    Cupid bundles (unopened)
    Cupid's arrows
    Cupid's bow
    Dancer 2014 holiday promo
    Haunted head 2013
    Haunted Head 2014
    Trick or treat bundles unopened
    Headless horseman axes
    Iron Supporter Voucher 100k
    Gold Supporter Voucher 230k
  2. How much you looking for and is it used?
  3. Tbh didn't know it changed once used but I would assume so I am looking for offers because I haven't played in a while and I am not 100% sure on prices (doesn't mean you can try to low ball me ;))
  4. If it stacks with others then it's unused.
  5. Nope they're all used.
  6. Ok thanks :)