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  1. FOR SALE:
    Tell me if you wanna buy anything :D ill be on my res, 1980

    Four(4) Marlix Armor
    Four(4) Marlix Leggings
    Four(4) Marlix Helm
    Four(4) Marlix Boots
    Eight(8) Marlix Bow
    Six(6) Momentus' Toothpick
    Four(4) Ore Buster
    Ten(10) Mineral Mincer
    8 Stacks(512) Dragon Stone Fragment
    Forty-Eight(48) Dragon Stone
    One(1) Independence Day Firework 2104
    One(1) Remembrance Poppy 2015
    Three(3) Blizz Ard's Nose
    One(1) 2014 Birthday Cake
    Two(2) <<Dasher>> 2015
    One(1) <<Dancer>> 2014
    One(1) Enraged Guardian
    Seventeen(17) Cooked Turkey
    Two(2) Chicken Skewer
    One(1) Sharpshooter
    Two(2) Cupid's Bow
    One(1) Meteor Bow
    Three(3) Taste The Freedom
    Four(4) Dragon Poop
    Two(2) Super Dragon Poop!
    Five(5) Maxarian Head
    Four(4) Pot of Gold
    (and anything else in the chests at 1980)

    New! 1 Pi Pie
    New! 1 Freedom Blade === Do Not Claim
    New! 2 Feast for a King
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  2. I'd like to buy the following:
    Four(4) Dragon Poop

    What price seems fair to you?
  3. I would like some super dragon poop. How much?
  4. in response to deathconn

    55k per? that seem reasonable?
  5. 65k? 70k? I am unsure
  6. I like to buy dancer.
    What is a reasonable price for it?
  7. dancer? I think 75k should suffice. I have sentimental value as its my only one.
  8. Just paid 65k for each dragon poop, mailing fees will be sent now :)

    Edit: added an extra 130,000 for the super dragon poop as well :)
  9. thanks for business
  10. removed the dragn poop from the list. Added a RAINBOWCHIN PVP HEAD, as well as a pot of gold. lost a mineral mincer, keep it up :D
  11. added more items, lost an orebuster. Keep it up boys
  12. How much for pvp head?
  13. im unsure. give an offer
  14. hoorah, alot more just got done, added spooky eggs, eggcellant wand a horseman mask a few more fireworks, vault vauchers and more, lost a few ore busters, and 3 mincers. Anyone wanna buy?

    EDIT: more maxarian heads, a holiday cookie, and im tired so ill be up tomorrow (or rather today, but later)
  15. Egg cent wand how much?
  16. Rememberance poppy?
  17. Ore Buster(s)?
  18. I would like to purchase some pots of gold. How much would each cost me? XD
  19. no longer selling any pot of golds, sorry