[Selling] Promos - Everything Must Go!

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  1. Come on over to SMP9 and visit /v +qs (/v18245)

    I'm selling off some promos, and I think you will like them.


    Items include

    2x 1x ESCD
    1x OreBuster
    1x Iron Voucher

    ...And WAY more! So come on over and take this stuff off my hands!

    Shoot me a P.M. if you want anything, if I'm offline or AFK, the items are on the second floor of my shop.

  2. I forgot [brackets] but the edit will not allow me to change it, if a mod could, that would be great.
  3. Press report on the original post of the thread and type in what you want done, press the send button and staff will change it for you. :)
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  4. Put brackets in title
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  5. Thank you :)

    Also, the orebuster is sold, but i have more stuff. I have edited the OP
  6. 90k for the Iron Voucher sound good?
  7. Wait nvm it's not online -.- I'll check it out.
  8. Price Drop

    on remaining items.

    A BIG thank-you to the people who came and wiped me out!
  9. 2k for escd
  10. It's worth... A bit more than that.
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  11. It's worth like a minimum of 20k xD
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  12. Most all of this stuff is sold, there are a few straggler items in the shop but for the most part this thread is over.
  13. That's why let me hope you get this over with and I'll offer you 5K for the few things that are left and maybe that will it end
  14. I know its not my place to say, but you've done this twice now. Please can you stop making silly offers on the forums. You posted on my thread a silly price, as people stated, the items are worth more then 5k, so please make a sensible offer.
  15. It's your place to say, and thanks. It's mostly my fault for ignoring it. I assumed it was simple trolling, but I really should have said something sooner.
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  16. Wow ok don't gang up on the new guy didn't know if u were flexing ur prices that much or not, sorry.
  17. hehehe, sorry if you felt beat up.
    no, not quite that much. :)
  18. You posted 5k after people had told you what it was worth...
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