[ Selling ] - Promos :DD

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  1. Hey guys looking to sell some promos or get some offers on it!

    x1 unused ESCD


    x1 15591/1561 Durability ESCD 2014
    x1 Unused Ham Hacker 2014 (current offer 20k)
    x1 Used Dancer 2014

    x1 ESCD Unused - Trucker454 20k - Closed ( payed)
    x1 ESCCD Unused- Trucker454 20.5k - Closed (payed)
    x DragonStone fragment- trucker454 650 - closed (payed)
    x1 Unused Dancer Trucker454 21k - closed (payed)

    x1 Ham Hacker - ChickenDice Offer 21k

    Rudolph 2013 43k -closed (payed)

    x1 ESCD Used - Karatekick2001 - 19.5k -Closed (not payed)

    x1 Unused Dancer
    x1 Empire Firework 2014 ---45k - Closed (payed and sent)
    x3 Holiday Candle

    and hope im online lol
  2. Wow 15591/1561 durability. Insanity.
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  3. i will buy escd's for 20,000
    i will buy the dancer for 20,000
    i will buy ham hacker for 20,000
  4. 20,000 per escd :D
  5. How much for the used eggs? My daughter would love them.
  6. What would you like for the used ESCD? I'm looking for something below 20k because it is used.
  7. Could I get the used Rudolph? I'm looking for under 25,000 or so.
  8. I'll sell ya 1 of the escd's for 20k
    and Ill hold the Ham Hacker -just incase we get a better offer idk im still searchin ya know owo)

    I already have an offer of 42k on the Rudolph and around +20k for the Dancer

    It was used on 5 blocks it still has its life ahead of it - I wouldnt look to sell it below 19k I do not believe a few hits would cost 1k or even 500r Reply with your offer to that

    I have an offer of 42k on the rudolph already so If you could top that xDD
  9. Okay, if you would hold the used ESCD for me, I'll pay for it soon, although not yet. My friend has all the funds (he's the owner of the museum were building, so he has the funds).
  10. so 19.5k?
  11. ill take the used escd for 6k, because it is used
  12. I have a Higher buyer of 19.5k
  13. that guy never said he would pay that much did he?
  14. Yeah, I'll buy it 19.5k, thank you :)
    Hold it for now though.
  15. buying all the escd's for 20k!
  16. I wanna see if anyone else would like to buy em - wait like a day maybe and then ill sell ya all of the ones that are

    19.5k confirmed
  17. paying 20k for unused ones tho
  18. Thanks for the items. I'll watch the thread to look out for more items! :D
  19. Thanks for your purchase owo!
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  20. If this is still ongoing I can offer 21k for the Ham Hacker