[Selling] Promos :D

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  1. I'm finally posting a thread! :D

    I am selling the following promos:
    Momentus Toothpick (2)
    Chicken Skewer(2)
    Blizz Ard's Arm(3)
    Blizz Ard's Nose(2)
    2015 Birthday Cake(2)
    Empire Firework 2014(1)
    Empire Firework 2015(1)
    Independence Day Firework 2014(2)
    Magical Eggcelent Wand(1)

    I am trading (for a pot of gold)
    Marlix leggings(1)
    Marlix Helmet(1)
    Marlix Bow(2)

    Please Pm me with offers.

    I am buying
    Pot of Gold (used or unused)

  2. Ya know JP, I think I can sell you a couple Pots of Gold ;)
  3. there is a reverse auction going for the DDTT for 50k if your interested.
  4. Bump! :D literally everything is in stock
  5. Bump! Buying pot of gold now! :D
  6. are you trading FOR a head?
  7. Bump! New promos will be added soon :)
  8. Bump more rares and promos added!
  9. Bump! Buying tons of pot of gold!