{SELLING} Promos ~ Closet Cleaning

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  1. Ive decided to clean out my Promos once again ~

    Hopefully youll find something you want !

    1x:Independence Day Helmet:150k
    1x: Independence Day pants:150k
    1x:Independence Day shoes:150k
  2. Yes I know these are crossed off =P

    What did you mean by (with lore)?
  3. there was a lore that said," DO NOT CLAIM: CLAIM CHEST ABOVE"
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  4. 1x:

    Empire Firework(2014):


    Independence Day Blade:

  5. can I get the firework for 20k please? I can pay immediately
    EDIT: Paid :)
  6. o.o im sorry but the firework is not available,i sent you your money back
  7. Np, thanks anyway :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.