[Selling] Promos at my res

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  1. I have a promo shop at my res, and I'm selling a bunch of promos at it!

    P.S.: Sorry for the bright colors. ;-;

    What I currently have for sale at 18481, SMP9 (lowest price to highest price):

    Below 10,000r:
    1x 2015 Independence Day Firework: 9,001r<--- SOLD
    Below 20,000r:
    1x Holiday Candle: 13,200r
    1x Cupid's Bow: 14,500r
    1x (USED) Emergency Snow Clearing Device: 15,000r
    1x Magical Eggification Device: 12,000r
    1x Pi Pie: 17,500r<--- SOLD
    15x Dragon Stones: 18,000r
    1x 2014 Birthday Cake: 18,500r
    Below 50,000r:
    1x Spooky Egg: 20,000r<--- SOLD
    1x Remembrance Poppy: 20,000r
    1x Lucky Bow: 40,500r
    1x 2014 Freedom Blade: 41,000r
    Special items above 50,000r:

    3x Cupid's Bundle: 55,000r
    1x Netherhound: 60,000r<--- SOLD
    1x Marlix's Leggings: 90,000r <--- SOLD
    1x Marlix's Helmet: 90,000r <--- SOLD
    1x December 2014 Diamond Referral Block Of Clickyness: 400,000r<--- SOLD

    I know some prices may seem high or low, and I made them like that based off of my own judgement and other people's shops/price lists, so if anyone tells me to change a price, I'll kindly disregard. Thanks for reading, and sorry if I killed your eyes with these colors.

    To repeat, the shop's at 18481. I can also do orders online if you PM me on the forums, and I can mail the item in game once I receive payment. PM me to coordinate first please!
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  2. Would you do 325k on the diamond referral block?
  3. I'm aiming to get what I got for it, which was 450k. The least I'd go is 390.
  4. Someone actually just bought it for 400k. Sorry.
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  5. Bump. Still selling promos!