[Selling] Promos and Voucher!

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  1. Title says it all! The items I'm selling is...
    • Empire Firework 2015
    • Marlix's Leggings
    • Iron Supporter Voucher
    • 24 Dragon Stones
    PM me or respond in this thread if you're interested and want to make an offer. :)
  2. Poo Alex head... What price range are you thinking?
    EDIT: I hate spell check... "Oo Alex head"
  3. 200-250k
  4. I will see if I can scrape up that money... But if you get other offers don't save it for me.
  5. how much for the slicer? and if you have more than 1 im willing to buy all that you have ;p
  6. Bump!
    Turkey Slicer and Alexchance head gone!
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  10. How much are the leggings, firework, and voucher?
  11. Leggings: 25k
    Firework: 15k
    Voucher: 92k
  12. Bump! A few promos left, prices are negotiable :)
  13. How much did you sell the AlexChance head for, if I may ask. ;)
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  14. I sold it for 200k
  15. How much for Iron Supporter?