SELLING [Promos and Such]

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  1. Selling:

    128x Dragon Stone Fragment - 2k
    8x Dragon Stone - 16k
    214x Cooked Turkey - 1.5k
    17x Feast for a King - 20k
    1x 2013 Haunted Head - 30k
    16x 2014 Labor Bench - 18k
    21x Remembrance Poppy - 15k
    1x Book of Colors - 45k
    1x Maxarian Head - 23k
    1x 2014 Independence Day Firework - 24k

    Feel free to make offers. All transactions will be done by shop chest or /mail & /pay. Thanks!
  2. Ill take the ICC voucher :)
  3. ill take the cake parkour event icc birthday voucher ;p
  4. Can you swing by smp4 8490 i would like to buy 2 dragon stone fragments im on now
  5. Ninjad... xP
  6. lol oh wasnt sure what voucher u were talking about ;p there are a few diff kinds listed xD
  7. its all good just thought i would ask. collecting what i can
  8. One of the fireworks is missing a price
  9. I got you some speedy tool repairs today... lol
  10. You did ninja...
    Edit: Im gonna go ahead and mail you it. :]
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  11. Thanks! Fixed.
  12. That is TOTALLY underpriced. Those things are rare... oh well, your choice. :p
  13. I'll take one cooked turkey.
  14. :] Pay and mail
  15. paid
  16. Whats the "book of colors" one?
    couldn't find it on the wiki

    Edit: nvm just found it, was looking at the wrong page
  17. I'll take a Feast for a King
  18. done :] pay & mail
  19. Ah, sorry... I'll pay tomorrow :)