[SELLING] Promos and such

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  1. Hello. Today, I have for you:

    -2 2013 New Years fireworks-15k per
    -2 incitatus (hope I spelled that right...)-20k per?
    -three labor benches-7k per
    -1 valens (health)-20k?
    -2 diamond horse armor-5k per
    -1 marlix bow-40k
    -2 holiday pickaxes-13.5k per
    -1 turkey slicer-10k
    -1 DC of coal-?
    That's it.

    Please post offers below, I will PM you to discuss details.
  2. I will pay 5k for the DC of coal
  3. do you still have that turkey slicer available?
  4. Can u setup the chest for my coal? I paid
  5. I'll take the Turkey Slicer....
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  6. Are you willing to pay 11k? I have an offer of 9k.
  7. It says the price is 10,000 rupees. That's what I'm offering. :)
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  8. Wats a labour bench
  9. It was a Labor Day promo where you got a crafting table that you don't need to place.

  10. Bump. I would like to see a lot more stuff go!
  11. I might get horse armour or 1 labor bench depends on if I win the auctions I'm doing right now
  12. So much stuff left... Yeah, I am 40 min early. I am tired. It was a long day. Bump.
  13. I'll take the Marlix bow if you still have it.
  14. Okay. Access chest will be setup as soon as I receive payment.
  15. Okay, I payed for it.
  16. I will set up chest ASAP.