[Selling] Promos and semi-rare items

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  1. I'll come up with some prices for these but if anyone is in need of these and wants to make an offer, feel free.

    All items are in preview chests on 17246 on SMP8

    1x 2014 Birthday Cake
    1x 2015 Birthday Cake
    4x Spooky Egg
    1x Cupid (spawn egg)
    3x Dasher
    1x Dancer
    1x Pi Pie
    1x Holiday Candle
    2x Taste the Freedom
    51x Cooked Turkey
    1x Magical Eggcellent Wand
    3x Trick-or-Treat Bundle
    1x Love Potion No.9 - 110,000 rupees
    6x Feast for a King
    1x 2013 Labor Bench
    1x 2014 Labor Bench
    11x 2015 Labor Bench
    1x Maxarian Head

    4x Meteor Bow
    4x Cupid's Bow
    1x Cupid Bundle
    203x Cupid's Arrow
    1x Lucky Bow
    3x Ham Hacker
    1x Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    1x Turkey Slicer (Thanksgiving 2013 lore)
    2x Turkey Slicer (Thanksgiving Turkey Drop lore)
    1x Freedom Blade (dark red, partially used)
    6x Liberty Sword

    1x Full Set of Marlix Armor
    2x Marlix Chestpiece
    2x Marlix Footwear
    1x Marlix Bow
    1x Momentus's Toothpick
    4x Blizz Ard's Nose
    1x Blizz Ard's Arm
    1x Blizz Ard's Eye
    1x Avalauncher (Happy Holidays 2014 lore)
    4x Avalauncher (Happy Holidays lore)
    5x Pot of Gold
    1x Haunted Head (2013 Halloween lore)
    2x Headless Horseman Mask (2014 Halloween lore)

    1x 2012 New Years Empire Firework
    1x 2013 New Years Empire Firework
    1x 2014 New Years Empire Firework
    3x 2015 New Years Empire Firework

    1x 2013 4th of July Empire Firework
    1x 2014 4th of July Empire Firework
    1x 2015 4th of July Empire Firework
    2x 2016 4th of July Empire Firework

    1x 2013 4th of July Independence Day Firework
    1x 2014 4th of July Independence Day Firework
    1x 2015 4th of July Independence Day Firework
    2x 2016 4th of July Independence Day Firework

    5x Full Set of 100,000 Forum Member Celebration Items
    (Scooooba Mask, Potato Plate, Bionic Pants, Bubble Boots, Chicken Skewer, Mineral Mincer, Sharpshooter, Shear Madness)

    Original Books
    The Latte (Hashhog)
    Monsters Are Real (Torian42)
    No Release (Kephras)
    Cold Storm Winds (khixan)
    Letter From Vault-Tec (mercenaries2009)
    Vanites day car (Zane_Darkkins)
    A Valentine Wish (Kryssy)
    Happy V-Day (WitherDoggie)
    Three Brothers (Carconductor)
    EMC V-Day (pinkqueen95)
    Survivors Book (SnowyBearr)

    1x wait
    1x ward
    2x cat
    1x blocks
    1x 11
    1x mellohi
    2x 13

    Regular Items
    6x Elytra - 45,000 rupees
    8x Dragon Heads - 8,000 rupees
    16x Wither Skellie Skulls
    10x Enderchests
    1x DC of Bottles o' Enchanting
    1x DC of Iron Blocks

    Staff Heads
    1x RainbowChin head - 200,000 rupees
    1x Chickeneer head
    1x Krysyyjane9191 head - 350,000 rupees
    1x Luckygreenbird head
    1x Aikar head (12/23/13 Drop Party lore) - 2,000,000 rupees
  2. I'm not 100% sure but I thought Krysyy didn't like her signed books being sold.

    Somebody get a reference or check?
  3. How much for the drop party head?

    100K for the chin?

    And you can't resell krysyy sigs as Haro said
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  4. looking around for prices, updated the original post with a few... mainly the things people have been asking about
  5. How much for the 2015 Labor Bench?
  6. If you want to sell these may i suggest lowering some of the prices?

    For example a Krysyy head is 100-150k, and a chin is the same as krysyy...

    Also, You have to remove;
    A Valentine Wish (Kryssy)
    As Krysyy does not allow resale of her sigs, as they are given out free and custom to each player who must just ask for one, and selling would be abusing that service.

  7. that book was for the Valentines event and not exclusive to me, besides I doubt anyone wants to buy any of the books anyway so we're good

    As for the rest of the items, I'm still exploring prices. Seeing conflicting or missing information on other forum threads so I may just decide to forge my own path forward with higher prices in an attempt to sway the market.