Selling Promos and Rares

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  1. Gold Voucher: x1
    Marlix Bow: x1
    Marlix Armor: x1
    Marlix Helmet: x1
    Momentus Toothpick: x1
    Chicken Skewer: x1
    Dancer: x1
    Headless Horseman Axe: x1
    2014 Turkey Slicer: x4
    EMC 2014 Birthday Cake: x1
    Emc 2015 Birthday cake: x1
    Cupid Bundle 2015: x1
    2015 Trick Or Treat Bundle: x1
    Meteor Bow: x1
    Ham Hacker: x1
    Spooky Egg: x1
    2014 rememberance poppy: x3
    Pot Of Gold: x2
    2014 labor day bench: x1
    2015 labor day bench: x1
    cupid bow: x1
    2014 headless horseman mask: x2
    2015 4th of july firework: x1
    2014 new years firework: x2
    holiday candle: x1
    taste of freedom steak: x1
    cupid arrow: x1
    netherhound egg: x1
    wither skeleton skulls: x9
  2. message me or post offers if interested in anything, i am willing to negotiate on all
    there is a preview chest on smp6 /v 12638