[Selling] Promos and Rares

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  1. I have the following for sale, pm me or reply to this thread if your interested in buying!

    1 2014 Turkey Slicer = 50k
    1 Cooked Turkey = 1k
    2 Used Dancers = 24k each
    2 Dragon Stone Fragments = 2k each
    1 Old Second Chance Books = 8k each (reserved)

    I dont know much about the second chance books, so if they're not what i have them listed as ill give a full refund on them if you let me know 24 hours after purchase.
    All purchases can be picked up on my res in smp3 /v 6731 after payment is made.
    Thank you!
  2. Can I buy one old and one new second chance books?
  3. You should also consider setting up some sell chests at your res so players may purchase them at the price you are asking! Makes easy work! :)
  4. ill probably do this! and yes cowland ill have them set back for you
  5. I know have them set up in chests at my res! :D
  6. now selling 2 cupid bundles also!

    Edit: no longer available