[SELLING] Promos and Rares

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by ArkWarrior1, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. I am currently selling:
    2x Lucky Bows
    2x Maxarias Heads
    2x Book of Colors
    1x ICC Skin
    1x ICC Flesh
    Post your offers down below
  2. i offer 2k for the icc skin and flesh
  3. each or together?
    If each, i will accept
  4. how much for the lucky bows?
  5. 20k each
  6. ok no thanks
  7. do you have another offer for them?
  8. no I just decided I don't need them
  9. lol ok
  10. How much for one Maxarias Head :p
  11. Price for Maxarrius' heads? Price per head please and can I get a discount for buying both?
  12. 7.5k each and no discounts.
  13. HOw much for the maxarian head?
  14. look at my post before
  15. How much for both bows?
  16. just sold them soz
  17. ill take both max heads
  18. 15k for both
  19. How much for Book of Colors?